About Us


We are proud that McComb Electric traces its roots to 1948 and was a key player in the railroad history of McComb. Alvin Klotz, along with several others, started several wholesale trade and retail businesses downtown in the mid 20th century. As time went on, Mr. Klotz expanded his product offerings and the business grew to encompass much of the lower block of Railroad Avenue at Canal Street. Alvin’s background working for Mississippi Power and Light Company, the precursor to Entergy, served him well in developing his business selling electrical supplies and parts to many in McComb and those associated with the Illinois Central Railroad.


By the 1980’s Alvin had expanded to include a large selection of decorative lighting fixtures and appliances. In 1985, upon his death, Mr. Klotz’ daughter Stephanie, and her husband, Richard “Dick” Moore took over operations. They further expanded the lighting and appliance presence to what it is today. The business encompasses 7 buildings in Downtown McComb with a total of xxx square feet. We were the original “home center”!


In 1992 Stephanie and Dick’s son, Richard joined the business and has continued to develop new areas such as landscape lighting, outdoor cooking and grilling. Of late, home control and automation is taking on a more important role, and the revolution in LED lighting has recently taken center stage.